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Extended Range Nitrox Diver

The SSI Extended Range Nitrox program provides a thorough introduction to the concepts, techniques, and procedures required for decompression diving with nitrox. Designed as either a stand-alone program or a stepping-stone to become an SSI Extended Range Trimix diver, this enriched air diving program provides foundational skills that are the basis for all future technical programs. Using either a sidemount or twinset configuration, this program prepares you to plan and conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters. In addition, this advanced program will teach you the techniques and procedures for using breathing gases up to 100% oxygen for decompression.

CW Sessions 1/2 day

Classroom 1/2 day

Open Water Dives: 3 days / 6 dives

Max Depth 40m

Prerequisites Deep Diving certification, Enriched Air Nitrox 40 certification, Minimum 24 logged dives, Recreational Sidemount Diving certification

Benefits you can expect from attending this training program: Learn decompression techniques to be able to spend longer at depth.

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