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Have you always dreamt about learning how to dive? Have it on your bucket list every year but still not got round to it?

With 2 dive centres, our own private training dock, 2 pool nights and 7 day a week training – we have you covered!

Our instructors and team are amazingly supportive, as are all our club members. Once you have learnt how to dive, you can join the club and start having the best adventures of your life!

Upon booking your course, you will pick a slot for your induction to the course which will take place at one of our dive centres or online

All the prices below are inclusive of:
Kit hire for both pool and open water
Pool Training E-Learning
Air fills at the pool
Student Membership

Not included:
Entry to the open water site
Air fills at the open water site

Group booking (2+ people) discount available, and payment options for some of the below choices *terms applicable)

Referral Diver

Thinking of doing your Open Water course abroad? 

Well you dont want to spend all holiday in a classroom or a pool do you? So complete your theory and confined sessions with us before you go then you can go on and complete the open water section of the course whilst you are abroad and we will provide you with the referral form to do so! £375pp

What about if you have already completed your pool and confined sessions and just have your open water dives to complete? Do them with us over 2 days! £349pp

Basic Course

Complete your full open water course with us! Complete this course to be certified to dive to 18m all over the world!

This course will consist of:

Online training from home which will cover all your basic dive theory

4 hours confined training (pool or the docks)

2 days in open water / 4 open water dives


UK Diver Package

The same as the basic course but this includes an extra course which will open up a whole new world of diving to you!

Dry Suit course, this will allow you to complete your Open Water Diver in a dry suit, which means you will stay warm and dry throughout your open water training.


*Open Water Theory
*Dry Suit Theory
*4-5 hours confined / pool training
*Dry Suit Orientation
*2 days in open water / 4 dives
*Palaemon Divers Student Membership

Completing this course will mean you can rent a dry suit anywhere you travel if you will be diving in colder waters (including the UK)


Bespoke Packages

We have various packages we can put together depending on what you are looking at doing with your new dive skills such as:

Marine Biologist Package

Wreck Head Packages (ship wreck diving)

Photography Packages

Dive Pro Package (becoming a dive professional)

Get in touch for your bespoke package

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