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Advanced Adventurer

Well done! You’ve passed your Open Water, your dive ticket to see the under world… up to 18m that is!

So of course, you want to know what your next level of training is and what comes next which is your next level of diving.

The PADI Advanced Open Water diver course will hone your already learnt skills such as buoyancy, trim, weighting and overall confidence in the water – and allow you to now dive to 30m instead of the 18m.

Join us on 5 Open Water dives over 2 days, completing a navigational dive, a deep dive which are both mandatory dives for the course. The next 3 are dives of your choosing. Speak to us about what kind of diving you’re interested in, or what skills you want to learn. It may be , that you have a keen interest in Search and Recovery, Boat Diving, Wreck Diving or another main interest. From this, we can then make a plan for your PADI Advanced Open Water course!

Please note, that depending on what kind of dives you would like to do, there may be a extra charge to complete the dives. EG. Boat Dives incur a charge for your place on the boat

Cost of Course : £425pp

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