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Buying from your local dive shop

We all know that going online and purchasing can be more convenient sometimes, however with diving and getting yourself set up correctly full time, you really do what the knowledge of a professional!

Masks are personal to your face and need fitting properly, regulators should be put together and tested by a professional service technician to ensure the breath readings are correct for being underwater and the hoses are at the correct torque and pressure. Computers are pressure tested on site to 30m before we let them go. Thermals and dry suits are measured on site to your size.

You will get discounted service from us each year if your kit has been bought from us and you will have full support for if there are any issues with your kit and its manufacturing

Need to know how to use it? You can pop in anytime and we will show you! Need hits and tips on how to look after it? We can tell you!

All these benefits, you will get when you purchase from us at your Local Dive Store – which overall will make it cheaper in the long run!

We see so many times of people buying second hand or buying online – and its either not the right gear for what they need, its not the best quality or the kit is obsolete! Let us take that pressure of wasted money!

What do we sell?

  • Total Scuba System – Masks, Snorkels, Computers, Fins, DSMBs, Reels, Dry Suits, Wetsuits, Accessories
  • Total Snorkelling System – Mask, Fins, Snorkels, Wetsuits
  • Air gun systems

What manufacturers do we work with?

We are specialists in what we do, therefore you will not find 100s of different manufacturers being sold in our store. We in fact specialise in certain manufacturers that we have tried, tested and all kit we use ourselves on a daily basis. If you want the best, you want to know its been hammered in the water and still working perfectly and hard wearing!

  • Mares
  • Fourth Element
  • Beaver
  • Santi

Dry Suit Fitting Service

We specialise in Santi suits and custom measure these on site for you to ensure your new suit fits you perfectly, with plenty of colours and additions to pick from you can really make your suit your own and stand out from the crowd!


Any regulators purchased through Palaemon Divers will benefit from a full set up and testing before they come over to you to make sure they are tweaked to perfection for seamless breathing underwater from the get go – a service worth £75 for free!

Total Diving Service Set Up

We can get you a full Total Diving System, set up and ready to use to your own budget and fit everything to you and the type of diving you will be doing

Wings, OC and CCR configurations purchased from us, will benefit from full fitting when it has arrived on site. Please note this service does take a few hours, but is completely free of charge!

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