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Specialty Scuba Courses

Specialty Scuba Courses

What are our Specialty Scuba Courses?

What do you want to specialise in?

After you become an Open Water Diver, where do you go from there? Well – now is the time to start diving and building on your experience! So alongside practicing what you learnt in your course you want to be improving, learning and specialising in new areas and skills! So where do you want to take your diving?

Go into underwater photography and videography? Interested in Search and Recovery? Want to become a fabulous buddy and dive guide? We can put together packages for where ever you want your diving to take you!

Below is a snippet of the types of courses we offer and the specialist areas we can help you in learning new skills and honing your current ones

There are various options available. Some courses are available in open water, pool or in the docks.

All course prices do not include kit hire, if this is required please contact us

Specialty Scuba Courses

Diving Knowledge Specialties

Altitude Diving
Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN 32 and 40)
Equipment Techniques
Gas Blender
React Right
Science of Diving

Pool / Confined Specialties

Full Face Mask
Perfect Buoyancy
Photo + Video

Open Water Specialties

Boat Diving
Deep Diving
Diver Stress & Rescue
Night & Limited Visability
Waves, Tides and Currents
Wreck Diving

Dedicated Equipment Specialties

Decompression Diving
Dry Suit Diving
Independent Diving
Scooter / DPV Diving
Search and Recovery
Recreational Sidemount

Overhead Environment Specialties

Advanced Wreck

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