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The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your advanced diving skills in a workshop environment.

Learn more about using tec diving gear with any total diving system you are certified to use and build upon your basic skill set to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, positioning, and communication within your team.

This course will put you in control of your diving and take it to the ultimate next level.

The Extended Range Foundations program provides supplementary training to existing certifications to increase your confidence and in-water control. All in-water sessions are completed in a confined water environment at depths less than 12 meters. You will earn the SSI Extended Range Foundations certification after completing this program.

Time : 3 days- 1 day classroom, 2 days in open water

Max Depth 12m

Prerequisites Open Water, 24 dives

Benefits you can expect from attending this training program:

  • Master buoyancy, trim, propulsion and teamwork
  • Become extremely comfortable and familiar with your equipment configuration
  • Push your abilities, regardless of level or experience

Working closely with technical instructor Craig, in this next level diving course you will start the programme with a classroom based session where we will go through all the theory as part of the course, this will be a day in the classroom going over all the theory of the Extended Range Foundations along with refreshing and improving your knowledge required to make the course a huge success for you diving.

Following this, you will spend 2 full days in the water in a workshop type environment really getting to grips with the Extended Range Foundations course. Coming out of it, we guarentee a huge change in your diving system understanding and hugely improved diving techniques ready to go off and see the difference.

No matter if you are a newer diver looking to become more serious about your diving, or looking at your first steps into technical – this is where you will be starting!

The course is best in your own total diving system so we are able to configure your set up to you. However kit can be rented for this course.

Course costs will vary dependant on requirements, experience and equipment needs

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